Why You Should Shop Small: The December Musings Of A Spiced Rum Company

Present Buying Time...Argh

We all made it…it’s December! The shops, bars, and restaurants have re-opened this week and this makes us truly happy here at Rockfall HQ.

Christmas is looking a bit different this year for most of us. If you haven’t already started buying presents (like us) then dare we say it…you might need to think about making a start. Some people find buying new and original presents a nightmare. (some breeze through it in September…but we won’t talk about those people).

There’s a massive quantity over quality attitude amongst so many of us. We all hastily grab our credit cards when a major online retailer informs us they have the PERFECT gift for the man, woman, child or pet in our lives. Woe betide the person who tells us in passing they love cooking, jigsaws or owls. For the next fifty or so years they will then be lucky recipients of enough kitchen equipment, puzzles and owl related paraphernalia to cover the entire surface of the moon.

Along Came Covid

Covid has been a horrible influence on everyone’s life and we can’t wait for it to shove off quite frankly. Thankfully there’s a vaccine on the way so 2021 is brightening up on that front. Not only has Covid taken lives, it’s destroyed livelihoods and that’s why we believe we all need to truly think about where our money is going this Christmas and beyond. Covid has caused an economic crisis like no other but hopefully the road to recovery is not far away.

Shop Small

Our suggestion is please try to shop small and give the independents a fighting chance of making it into 2021. These small businesses will find it so much harder to survive than the giant chain stores and multinationals. And we’re not saying don’t shop at them at all. A few large retailers have closed their doors this week and that’s not what the UK economy needs either as so many jobs will sadly be lost. We hope ALL businesses survive this as much as anyone. We just want everyone to know that the small independent retailers need a share of your love too.

Spread The Love

So buy that scented Christmas candle from the business advertising on your local Facebook group, get your turkey from the nearest butchers, go to those independent gift shops in your town or village to shop for Christmas cards, small presents and wrapping paper. The local bookshops and toy shops will benefit so much from your custom, just a couple of purchases will make all the difference. Go to the market or the farm shops and buy your fruit and veg. Visit the local delicatessen for some chutneys, charcuterie and cheese. Buy that box of chocolates from a local producer. Have a coffee and cake (and lunch) at the independent cafes. Look out for those small producers of beers, wines and, of course, spiced rum to ensure you have a few handcrafted bottles ready for the festive period. Get your bread, cakes and mince pies from the bakery on your high street. Send Christmas flowers to your friends using your local florist. Seek out the local jewellery makers who make their products with such love and care. We bet you any money it will make you feel happier knowing you have supported a small business in 2020 and into the new year.

shop local spiced rum
shop local spiced rum
shop local spiced rum
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