4 Of The Best Summer Spiced Rum Cocktails

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BBQ anyone?

Yeah, yeah we know you’ve all been in your houses and gardens for over a year now but come rain or shine you’ll all still be planning to have friends over for a BBQ…so you’ll be in need of some drinkspiration.

Get your mixology on

Beer, prosecco (champers if you’re feeling flush) and wine are easy serves but it’s cocktails for the win when it comes to making an impact. So many people worry about making anything more complicated than a G&T but so many cocktails are incredibly simple and will help you rock those #mixologist vibes.

Impress with spiced rum

I bet you know what I’m going to say here…gin is the best and most versatile spirit for cocktails…just kidding! Of course it’s not. It’s good for cocktails, as is vodka, but rum (in our humble opinion) is the spirit you need in your life for your home bartender needs. More specifically it should be Rockfall, because the quality of your cocktails is determined by the quality of your spiced rum. You don’t want to stick any old rubbish in your award winning, head turning cocktails. You want everyone to still be talking about your cocktail party for years to come.

4 simple crowd pleasing Spiced Rum cocktails to get the party started

1. Rockfall Rum Punch

This classic Caribbean punch is the perfect cocktail start to any party. It’s the refreshing summer drink that keeps on giving and when made with Rockfall Spiced Rum, you’ll love the citrus, sweet and refreshing combination.

What You’ll Need (Per serving):

  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 tbsp sugar syrup or grenadine
  • Half cup of orange juice
  • Half cup of pineapple juice
  • 1-2 shots of Rockfall Rum

To prepare:

Mix all the ingredients together and pour over ice. You can also bulk mix this drink and store it in your fridge so that it’s nice and cold for those hot summer days and nights. #beachvibes

rum punch

2. Rockfall Daiquiri

Did you know that Daiquiri is the name of a beach in Cuba? Mmm beach! Rumour has it the Daiquiri was presented to the masses in the nightclubs of New York (mmm New York) in 1902. A Daiquiri is a sophisticated thirst quencher which is best shaken, not stirred.

What You’ll Need (Per serving):

  • 2 shots of Rockfall Rum
  • Half freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 and a half tsp of sugar or sugar syrup
  • Crushed ice (and some for serving)

To prepare:

Throw all of the above measured ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake to aerate and mix. Pour into a martini glass and enjoy!

rockfall spiced rum daiquiri

3. Rockfall Mojito

This gingery take on the much-loved cocktail with Cuban roots is one of our faves. We visited Cuba over ten years ago and lived on them for ten marvellous days (take us back!!) The classic mojito has a whole range of different recipes, but we thought you might like this one with a little fiery oomph.

What You’ll Need (Per serving):

  • 25 fresh mint leaves
  • 3 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 lime, chopped
  • 65ml/2½fl oz Rockfall Spiced Rum
  • ginger beer, to top up

To prepare:

Put the mint, lime and sugar into a tall glass and muddle (mash) with the end of a rolling pin or wooden spoon. Add the Rockfall Spiced Rum and some crushed ice. Mix thoroughly and add Ginger Beer to top it up. Minty, gingery, spiced rum bliss!

spiced rum cocktail

4. Rockfall Colada

“If you like piña coladas…” then you’ll love our Rockfall Spiced Rum recipe. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this drink is pure summer vibes, with it’s fruity and creamy flavour.

What You’ll Need (Per serving):

  • 1 and a half parts Rockfall Spiced Rum
  • 1 part coconut cream
  • Quarter cup of pineapple juice

To prepare:

Add all of the ingredients and blend with crushed ice. Add the contents to a glass, add umbrellas, maraschino cherries, a chunk of pineapple and sip the night away.

spiced rum pina colada cocktail

Fall in love with spiced rum this summer

2021 has been another difficult year so while we can, let’s try to relax, unwind, have some fun and enjoy time with friends. Try any of the cocktails we’ve mentioned above and fall in love with a new way to drink Rockfall Spiced Rum.

rockfall spiced rum with glass ice
spiced rum cocktails
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