Is Rockfall Spiced Rum Vegan?

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“Is your spiced rum vegan?” is the most asked question Rockfall is answering at the moment. Well the answer is categorically YES, Rockfall Rum is completely vegan and it’s also gluten-free as a bonus for people suffering from coeliac disease or those who choose to cut out gluten from their diet.

The vegan lifestyle

We are the first to hold our hands up and say we aren’t vegan ourselves here at Rockfall HQ but I think it’s fair to say that we have changed our habits over the past few years. After suffering with migraines for over a year which caused debilitating dizziness I (Claire) decided to cut out dairy (and gluten, might as well go the whole hog I thought) and although I don’t think it linked to my headaches I haven’t gone back to my previous diet. I only drink plant-based drinks, dairy-free milks, my “butter” is dairy-free and I hardly eat any eggs or cheese anyway. One of my most favourite ready meals (on my can’t cook, can’t be bothered to cook days…of which I have a lot) is from Waitrose, their Vegan Green Thai Curry dish, it’s delicious and I will still choose this over all other non-vegan options.

Plant based days

Every week it’s a habit in our house to have meatless meals, vegetarian lunches and dinners, and often a meal will end up being vegan by default anyway. So we are more mindful in our house about what we eat…we’re not perfect but we are trying to adopt a more plant based approach.

Vegan rum

When we created the recipe for our rum and joined forces with our distillery partner it was definitely in our mind to make sure it would be a spiced rum accessible to all (the over 18 year olds anyway!) With the vegan and plant-based market having grown exponentially over the past five or so years and still on the rise, having a gluten and dairy-free spiced rum felt very important to us. Rockfall intend to stay ahead of that curve in terms of all spirits we produce and bring to market going forwards.

Vegan products

In terms of growth in the products we consume, the amount of vegan products we use in our homes has gone through the roof too. Now I buy a lot of “things”…I’m a shopper (good for the economy and all that) and a consumer, but when I buy goods now it’s front and centre of my mind that they should be vegan where possible. I look for those vegan candles, for the haircare and skincare products which are vegan-friendly. “Not tested on animals” used to be the tagline and the lead message we looked for, then it became cruelty free, now we are looking for those vegan credentials instead.

A few ideas

I seem to have a lot of summer birthdays coming up, a few babies on the way (not mine!), and a hen do to attend…so I’ve been thinking about a few options for presents. We are absolutely thrilled that Rockfall has been included on a vegan gift list on the Treat Trunk website which includes some great vegan pressie ideas from companies you won’t find in the major retailers. So check it out, support an independent business and shop vegan.



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