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spiced rum rockfall
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Ultra Smooth Premium Spiced Rum

Forget everything you think you know about rum. Once you’ve tried our premium spiced rum you’ll discover a whole new world of flavour. 

Here at Rockfall Rum we don’t just make spiced rum, we give you a taste experience unlike any other. Our premium spiced rum is beautifully and delicately infused with caramel and vanilla, making it very easy to enjoy.

We use only the highest quality botanical ingredients ensuring a distinctively smooth experience with every bottle, for a spiced rum so enjoyable it can be served just with ice. Plus, we handcraft our rum in bespoke copper stills to ensure the flavours remain beautifully natural and pure. 

Each bottle of our smooth spiced rum is created to provide you with what we call a Rockfall Moment. Whether it is cocktails on summer days with your friends, or sitting inside by a roaring fire with a glass of smooth rum through the winter nights. 

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This is the most beautiful rum we have ever tasted, drink it neat and experience the wonderful taste of it. Everyone should have Rockfall in their drinks cabinet.

LibbyTrustPilot Reviewer
spiced rum award winning
spiced rum award winner

Premium Rum, Elevated

Looking for that drink to show off when entertaining friends and family, or even looking to stock the home bar? Our smooth rum is unlike any other and provides a unique and rich taste that is sure to impress all who try it.

Because we use only the finest botanicals in our crafting and distilling process, you can be sure that whatever rum drink you want to serve, or enjoy for yourself, Rockfall Rum is the answer.

Plus, we think that everyone should be able to enjoy the distinctive, rich flavour of our premium rum – which is why we’re proud to say that Rockfall Rum is not only completely vegan but it’s also gluten-free! 

We also want our premium rum to bring people together and make memories. So why not share the love? Our Rockfall spiced rum will be a truly tasteful gift for all those wanting to celebrate in style. 

Rum pioneers, tell your friends to be brave. Embrace the Rockfall Moment.

Whatever the occasion, our uniquely blended smooth rum is set to make a statement. But let’s not just take our opinion on the incredibly unique sensation that Rockfall Rum gives you, check out our reviews.

Fantastic. The best rum my husband and I have tasted, so much so, I drank the first bottle with friends and had to replace the bottle which was a gift to my husband. Fast, efficient delivery.

KirstyTrustPilot Reviewer

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How Our Spiced Rum Is Different

We did our research, way back before Rockfall Rum was born in 2018, and discovered that though we loved spiced rum so much, it was hard to find one that didn’t leave a caustic taste in the mouth. We wanted smooth. We wanted rich. 

So, we decided to create our own. That was our Rockfall Moment. 

Fast forward to the present day and Rockfall Rum is beautifully blended, spiced to botanical perfection with caramel, vanilla, nutmeg and orange zest for a truly distinctive flavour. It’s the kind of premium rum that brings people together, no matter the occasion. 

Or even better, when there isn’t an occasion and you just want to enjoy a good drink, and good company.

I love spiced rum and have tried many but this is the best so far. It is a little bit different and very special. I love it on the rocks or with Ginger Ale.

SineadTrustPilot Reviewer
rockfall spiced rum

Rockfall Spiced Rum


70cl   |   37.5%Vol

Rockfall is handcrafted using bespoke copper stills to create a distinctively rich and beautifully smooth flavour. It is spiced to botanical perfection with caramel, vanilla, nutmeg and orange zest.

FREE DELIVERY. Payments accepted by credit/debit card.

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rockfall spiced rum

Rockfall Spiced Rum


70cl   |   37.5%Vol

Rockfall is handcrafted using bespoke copper stills to create a distinctively rich and beautifully smooth flavour. It is spiced to botanical perfection with caramel, vanilla, nutmeg and orange zest.

FREE DELIVERY. Payments accepted by credit/debit card.

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trustpilot best rum

Great service, quick delivery, very drinkable rum. Lovely caramel and vanilla flavours. Husbands new favourite (previous favourite was Bumbu).

SuzeTrustPilot Reviewer

My son in law said he was drinking rum now so I thought it would be an ideal present for him. Now, I don’t normally drink rum, so as I was ordering it I thought I might not get to taste his so I’ll try anything once and had to give it a go and order one for me. Definitely glad I did, very spicy and warming and definitely hits the spot. It’s great, love it.

ChrisTrustPilot Reviewer

SUCH a good drink. What makes this stand out as a spiced rum is the vanilla and caramel flavours which give it a richness and texture but without making it too sweet. Very smooth and way too easy to drink!

AlisonTrustPilot Reviewer

I didn’t know I liked rum until I tried Rockfall and now I’m on my third bottle. It is truly delicious and makes a lovely change from the usual g and t or glass of wine. I’ve enjoyed it mixed with ginger beer but am keen to try some of the amazing sounding cocktails on the rockfall and website next!

CatherineTrustPilot Reviewer

Definitely a must have for the drinks cupboard or home bar area. It truly is delicious. So smooth and far too moreish. I wouldn’t normally drink rum neat but this one has nailed it and is so yummy on the rocks. Also a big fan with ginger ale/beer and a slice of lime. Most rums end up in my cupboard for years but this one is almost empty and only got it a few months ago. Will definitely purchase again. Thank you.

MandyTrustPilot Reviewer

This is one of the most delicious rums I have ever tasted. I highly recommend it.

FrankieTrustPilot Reviewer

Rockfall Rum was recommended by a friend and as I’m usually a G&T drinker, I wasn’t sure it would appeal. Well I was wrong. It’s great on the rocks but my preferred longer drink is a rock-mojito. No need for sugar but muddle the mint, add rockfall, couple of ice cubes and soda. Delicious.

SueTrustPilot Reviewer

I’m not even a rum person, but have just ordered our sixth bottle of Rockfall (some were gifts!). Honestly cannot recommend enough, absolutely fantastic.

LornaTrustPilot Reviewer

Ordered a couple of bottles of Rockfall Rum recently, one for myself and one for a present. They arrived quickly and well packaged. Really love the taste. It’s great neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in cocktails. The branding is super cool too! It also made a perfect gift.

TimTrustPilot Reviewer

One of the most refreshing and delicious rums I’ve ever tried. It’s just like being beside the seaside on a warm summer evening.

H. WarrenTrustPilot Reviewer

I was recommended this rum by my sister in law and I will most definitely be recommending to my friends and family!! It’s really smooth and has a lovely balance of spice. My perfect mix is with ginger beer and a slice of lime, my husband goes with a Pepsi mixer.

VickyTrustPilot Reviewer

My most favourite rum. The spice is lovely, caramel and vanilla make Rockfall easy (and dangerous) to drink just on its own. Always speedy delivery. Well impressed.

Miss BurgessTrustPilot Reviewer

Very quick delivery, beautiful tasting rum and no need to add a mixer as it’s easily drinkable without!

A. DixonTrustPilot Reviewer

Absolutely wonderful, so smooth and mellow reminds me of sticky toffee pudding, love it, and I will be buying another bottle or 2 as soon as I’m paid!

MalcolmTrustPilot Reviewer

I had a last minute, urgent, bank holiday birthday request which the lovely people at Rockfall hand delivered within 24hrs. Amazing service! And was it worth it? Absolutely!

LisaTrustPilot Reviewer

I’ve tasted it and it’s delicious! It’s very smooth, no burning sensation in the mouth or throat, just a gentle warming in the stomach! It’s quite sweet and definitely tastes of caramel/vanilla as suggested on the label. So far I’ve tried it over ice and in hot chocolate and enjoyed both!

EleanorFacebook Reviewer

I love a spiced rum and Rockfall is easily one of the nicest I have tried. It’s so smooth and is amazing neat. This is my new favourite drink.

GavinFacebook Reviewer

Rockfall Rum, I have been gifted a bottle of this last week, absolutely amazing, well done! You really have produced something special – As soon as it runs out I will be buying some myself.

LukeFacebook Reviewer

We are loving our bottle. It sort of does what I want whisky to do but I don’t really like the taste of whisky, as in that nice warming drink on a winter night after dinner when you’ve had enough wine and you want something quite strong and flavoured. It’s a winner!

RichardInstagram User

It really is the most delicious rum my partner and I have tasted. It is smooth and really pleasant to drink, the spices are a brilliant mix, very clever because you don’t taste it all at once. I tasted the nutmeg first, then the orange and vanilla and caramel last. It is a very relaxing and warming drink. I tried mine neat first to review and then with pineapple juice and ice to make a really refreshing yet relaxing drink. Would also make a really lovely gift.

ZepherousAmazon Reviewer

A friend offered me this on the rocks. I was ready to pull a face on trying straight rum on the rocks, but this was DELICIOUS!!! Something I never imagined writing about any spirit, let alone rum. Also found it to be just as good with coke. Just about to check out on my third bottle…

SarahAmazon Reviewer

A really nice rum with a difference. Really good service, delivered quickly, love the bottle and really tasty rum! Defo recommend if you want to try something smooth and super tasty!

AlexTrustPilot Reviewer

What You Can Make With Our Premium Spiced Rum

We want you to enjoy your premium rum the best way you can, so for those that want a bit more than just on the rocks we provide our own spiced rum cocktail recipes to give you the perfect rum drink whatever the season or occasion. Or, even if there’s no occasion at all!

Alternatively if you’re looking for a flavourful drink to warm you up then check out our Salted Caramel Rockfall Hot Chocolate. Or maybe you’re after a fruity kick for your summer nights; you can’t go wrong with our Rockfall Frozen Daiquiri. There’s truly a rum cocktail for every occasion. 

We encourage you to try out your own unique recipes to make the smooth rum your own. Create your own Rockfall Moment.

Rockfall Rum is delicious. Perfect to drinks on its own or with ginger beer. Not sure if you like rum? Neither was I but I now know I love Rockfall Rum!

BenTrustPilot Reviewer
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